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Closing shop
Dear friends,

I am saddened to announce that me and the DefyXXX team have decided to stop developing the website. The store will be up for another month and during that timeframe you can purchase all of our scenes in any resolution for just $4.99. If you have already purchased scenes make sure that you download them, as they will not be available for streaming after that period runs out.

Why have we reached that decision? There are serious, inherent problems in the industry that I think over time will lead to a decrease in the overall quality of the porn content and will practically eliminate the middle range of producers between the big, established studios and the solo or amateur stuff. This is already happening even to very established names in the industry.

The main problem we are facing is the piracy and tube sites and the perception of porn as something you just get for free. All of our content is blatantly pirated, posted on torrent sites, uploaded on tube sites, sometimes just hours after release. It is pretty much impossible for a small studio to fight this, it requires time and a lot of effort and even with both of those there is not much you can do about torrent sites which operate completely illegally. I had a bit more hope with the established porn tube websites, but that turned out to be just as impossible to do. Most of them require a long, legal-like procedure in order to remove even blatantly pirated content with watermarks still intact, etc. so you are basically spending weeks to take down a video, which then takes someone the whole of 5 minutes to reupload again. Clearly it is a losing battle, but it is also one where producers and tube websites are not on the same side.

Some of our videos have several million views on those websites, also hundreds of thousands of downloads on torrent sites. I know the difference between something free and something that costs money, but if even 1% of those people who viewed our content paid for it we would have had a good and steady business and would have continued producing. Of course it is not just about how uneven the playing field is, at some point it is also a fact that maybe the quality of the content was not that good or that we did not find a good way to market it, so we have a share of the blame as well.

Lastly, I want to thank from the bottom of our hearts everybody that has supported us during that journey. We really hope you had a lot of fun in seeing a different take on what porn can be and we created some good stuff along the way. It was a fun journey, looking forward to next challenges.

Best wishes, Chris and the DefyXXX team

What a shame. I discovered this site fairly recently, having come across some torrents, and I've enjoyed the content that I've come across so far. It's become a personal favorite. To know that there will be no further updates is upsetting. This was one of the independent producers I was hoping to see more from in the future. Best of luck in whatever you guys do from this point onward. I hope for a return one day.