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I am sure all of you have had a porn fantasy, something that you always wanted to see in a porn movie or something that you maybe read in a story online or saw in some low-quality home recording but wanted to see in high production quality with a proper pornstar. DefyXXX's Perverted Minds competition will make that happen for you.

Send us detailed description as possible about what you have in mind - it can be either a full scene scenario or just a part of a scene or individual act - in an email to contact@defyxxx.com. We will review all the perverted stuff you sent us and will pick and shoot the best of them.

If you win all you will get all of this:
  • 1. Get to see your personal fantasy in one of our forthcoming releases
  • 2. Your nickname/alias will be displayed as a credit in the video
  • 3. An exclusive behind the scenes video of the production team discussing the scene with the model and outlining your idea (again, mentioning your nickname) will be sent to you
  • 4. You will get our praise and respect as the nastiest and most creative member of this website, and for a site like ours it means something :)

Get writing!

Well, this is one very different scene so I wanted to tell you more about it. Most models we shoot are very submissive in nature, so shooting the scenes we do comes naturally to them. This was not the case with Erica - if anything she had a pretty clear dominant streak and has had a lot experiences, both on camera and in her personal life, slapping men around and pissing on them.

At the same time she really wanted to shoot this scene well so we agreed to give it a try. The whole scene is pretty much an exercise in submission and has me working through the different barriers and breaking her in on some new things. It was a great experience and was helped a lot by the fact that she is actually an amazing actress. I stopped shooting a couple of time to check if she was OK since she played the role of humiliated to death, destroyed and given up so convincingly.

This is one of our roughest, most natural scenes to date. You can see that we went completely off the script resulting in a bit of a messy, less organized scene. I think you will enjoy it a lot though, I know I do. It has some pretty brutal moments, hard face fucking, strong face slapping, spitting, asslicking and a ton of pissing. When we talked after the scene she mentioned that this may be her only piss drinking scene ever, so don't miss it.

Scene is going live later today, enjoy.

We got the opportunity to shoot a brand new Russian model - Ellen Betsy - right after she started her porn career, this was maybe her 5th or 6th scene. Very intelligent and mildly mannered girl that was really dedicated to making it in the industry. She was always asking questions about how she was doing and trying to improve which is something you always enjoy in a model.

Physically Ellen has very nice tits as well as a great, super tight asshole which was gaping perfectly during the anal.

We were prepared to shoot a pretty hardcore scene including some things that she has never done before. Because of that it was very important to get her in a relaxed state of mind so that she could focus on what was expected. She has been pissed on before, but never had piss in her mouth and she has never drank piss so she was a bit nervous about it. She ended up taking several big gulps from both the cock and then from a glass and even at the start of one of the sequences looks at the camera and says "I want to drink more piss!". We can't say 'No' if you ask nicely :)

At the end she did a great job, even though swallowing the first few mouthfuls was a challenge. She also licked feet and was spat on her face for the first time, but those ones she did without even blinking.

You can tell a model is brand new because they usually have problem staying clean during anal. This was also the case here and in the scene you can tell and there is actually some relatively dirty ass to mouth parts for those of you perverts that enjoy it.

Overall, an excellent scene with a really dedicated, naturally submissive model. Check it out.

We recently got a chance to shoot with the amazing Victoria Pure and of course we jumped right on it. She is a very interesting model, because although she looks very classy she is pretty open minded and agreed to shooting a rougher scene that included hard face fucking, cumplay, anal, ass-to-mouth, rimming and pissing in her mouth.

The scenario we chose for this one matched the visual - a high-end bank clerk trying to win a deal for her company agreeing to service the client in exchange for more work opportunities. Her perfect English allowed for a very good intro to the scene, something we don't do enough.

From there on things went great - some pretty intense deepthroating action with a lot of spit, face covering cumshot followed by an amazing cumplay on a mirror table and of course swallowing. Then she was taken to the bathroom for the pissing part and took piss in her mouth and also on her face, all of that while having her glasses on.

The second part of the scene started with some more deepthroat followed by a great asslicking session, Victoria definitely has one of the best rimming techniques of all the models we shot. Some good hard anal and some gaping wrapped up the scene.

Here are some screenshots while you wait for the scene to go live.

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